Grammar, K-4

Absorption. Grades K-4 are the building blocks upon which all other learning is based – their minds are busy absorbing information from poetry, stories, new vocabulary, math facts, historical people and dates, descriptions of plants and rocks, composers, major works of art, etc. 

Logic, 5 - 8

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Analysis. All of this absorption prepares them for further study in grades 5 - 8 when the focus of study becomes considering the way things fit together and answering the question “Why?”.

Rhetoric, 9 - 12

Expression. Finally, in grades 9 - 12, students engage in challenging study and use everything previously learned to write and speak in clear, forceful, and elegant language.

Each stage of the model builds on and works in coordination with the others; therefore, our curriculum model is best viewed as a whole from k - 12: