DSCA is growing!  Our Vision2020 is a 3 year, $150,000 Capital Fundraising Campaign.  Our continued growth and desire for improved play and instructional areas has led the board to plan on relocating at the end of our current lease, roughly summer 2020.  Money raised will help DSCA transition into a more permanent home for our school and families.  It is only through your ongoing prayer, partnership and financial support that this vision will become a reality. 

Will you join us in providing financially to support our growth, including meeting needs for additional facilities, administrative, student scholarship and school supply costs?

You can help in several ways:

1. Give a one time donation (to the right)

2. When you buy online through Amazon, purchase through our AmazonSmile account.

3. Collect Boxtops for the school (they can be turned into the office or your child's teacher

4. Support the Vision 2020 Capital Fundraising Campaign.  Click the Donate button (above right) to donate via PayPal.

We need partners across a broad range of support levels.  One way for us to reach our goal of $150,000 is with 5 $3,000/year sponsors, 10 $100/month sponsors, 20 $50/month sponsors, and 50 $20/month sponsors.  Please consider an amount that works for you or support with your own donation amount.  Whether $5 or $500, all are for building His kingdom and all add up.

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